A side view of the Admiralty building from Nevsky Avenue.

Catholic Church Mission in St. Petersburg

Father Alexander Kryssov mother's side of the family originated from St. Petersburg. His distant relatives were Catholic hierarchs before the 1917 revolution. Great-grandmother, grandmother and uncle survived the horrors of the blockade during World War II.

Holly Mass - a spirit of our Mission

Before Mass Requiem at the hotel on Nevsky Prospekt.

Before the beginning of a Requiem Mass in a hotel on Nevsky Avenue.


After the Holy Mass. Father Alexander Kryssov stand with a server who is one of a few local faithful Catholics.


In front of the former residence of the Catholic Archbishop of Russia (the palace was expropriated by the Communists after 1917), nowadays - one of the city museums.


In a church after a prayer at the grave of the first Catholic Archbishop of Russia Stanisław Bohusz Siestrzeńcewicz (1731-1826).


Participation in the symposium of historians of Russia and the Vatican at the University on Nevsky Avenue.

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