Mater Misericordiae icon

Catholic Church Mission in Lithuania

Lithuania is the motherland for the families of Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI, father of Casimir Puškorius, CMRI (previous superior general) and father Stanislaus Mažeika, MIC (our pastor in Moscow in 1967-1995).

Vilnius - Lithuanian Rome

Ostrabrama chapel

St. Casimir sarcophagus

St. Casimir sarcophagus


The place of veneration to the icon of "Mater Misericordiae" in the chapel of Our Lady of Ostrabrama under the Gate of Dawn.

St. Casimir sarcophagus

St. Casimir sarcophagus

St. Casimir sarcophagus


Pope Urban VIII  proclaimed St. Casimir as the patron saint of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Pope Pius XII named Saint Casimir the special patron of Lithuanian youth.

Vilnius Cathedral

St. Casimir sarcophagus

Vilnius Cathedral


On roof sides over the entrance into the Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus and St. Ladislaus of Vilnius are statues of:  St. Casimir,  

St. Stanislaus (the patron of Poland), and St. Helena (in the centre with a golden cross). 

In the Homeland of our priests


Fr. Alexander Kryssov in Vilnius near Sts. Peter and Paul Church, where Fr. S. Mažeika was a pastor in the beginig of 1960-s.


Fr. Alexander Kryssov and Povilas Vanagas in Paberžė (Lithuania).


Fr. Alexander Kryssov at Fr. Stanislaus Mažeika grave in Virbalis, native village of the families of two wonderful Marian priests - Fr. Stanislaus, MIC and Fr. Casimir, CMRI.


Fr. Kryssov and Fr. Mažeika niece in Virbalis.